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Metrasens: this award attests to the positive impact we are making in the world

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Queen's Awards for Innovation winners Metrasens talk about the technology that won them the Award and share some tips about the application process.

Graphic showing how detection systems would be deployed around a stadium.
Credit: Metrasens

Safety First: an innovative approach to security and screening techniques

What started out as a solution to MRI accidents has proliferated into a dynamic and seemingly endless range of safety applications across a wide range of verticals. The technology at the heart of Metrasens’ innovation is ferromagnetic detection systems (FMDS), which uniquely reveals threats by monitoring the earth’s ambient magnetic field using specialized magnetic detection technology. In hospitals, our FMDS technology is improving MRI safety and preventing countless MRI accidents. In stadiums, our technology prevents the attacks that are becoming an all-too familiar part of the news landscape. Looking to the future, this technology has unlimited application potential – and a team of the best and brightest to turn potential into the palpable.

The people behind Metrasens

Technological innovation derives from innovative people: the technology itself is a product of great minds pursuing a greater goal. What sets Metrasens apart not only as a group of innovators, but as a business, is that our people thoroughly understand the needs of our customers and skilfully adapt our technology to meet those needs.

Example of a security sensor in a hospital.
Proscreen 200 was designed with patient-centered care in mind. Credit: Metrasens.

Our products address deficiencies in conventional screening methods, making the world safer and more secure. Metrasens’ mission is to keep people safe with revolutionary technology and make that technology easily accessible to all. To this day, we’ve been able to work towards that goal in environments such as: MRI rooms, arenas, mental health treatment centres, data centres, and prisons. In prisons, for example, we detect mobile phones and contraband, thus minimising attacks on staff and criminal behaviour by inmates while incarcerated.

Our passionate team drives the growth of our company, which has continuously identified the areas in which our technology can make the most significant impact.

Humane + Utilitarian = Humanitarian

For Metrasens, our customers’ needs centre on safety and security. Therefore, taking a humanitarian approach to our work is a natural fit. It is also, in many ways, a guiding light in discovering new applications: MRI safety is as important of a concern as preventing threatening attacks on stadiums. By receiving the Innovation Award, we hope to encourage other technology developers to take a humanitarian approach to their work. At the core of Metrasens is the desire to make the world a safer place. The importance of technological advancement is second only to the potential technology has for creating a better world.

It is not just about winning an award, but making a positive impact

As a British company, Metrasens has always been aware of the prestigious Queen’s Award. Metrasens has also always known that its employees produce great work: now the whole world knows it, too. The biggest boost for our staff is a positive, objective recognition of the work they do. This award attests to the positive impact we are making in the world and we could not be more excited to receive it.

Winning the Queen’s Award is not only an important achievement for our team, but for the many industries we serve. It marks an important milestone in the MRI safety and security industries because it highlights the need for innovative safety technology. As mass casualty attacks become a more frequent reality, we have a team consistently producing quality technology and training to strengthen security methods and procedures to create safer spaces.

Simon Goodyear
Simon Goodyear, CEO and co-founder. Credit: Metrasens.

To the year ahead

To those thinking of applying for the Queen’s Awards, our primary advice would be to find someone to champion the effort. Our Chief Financial Officer was our champion: he is passionate about Metrasens’ recognition for its work and was crucial in moving the award application forward. However, the application is not – and cannot – be a one-person show. Be prepared to gather data, ask a lot of questions and stay organised. The award recognises the whole team, so involve everyone. It is well worth it to apply. We are honoured to be recognised in this prestigious programme.

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