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The Vegware Song

The first bluegrass song about eco packaging?! BCE Environmental Leadership Award winner Vegware explain themselves in song form. Sing along...and spread the word!



Vegware is a green business success story.

The UK's first and only completely compostable food packaging firm.

We have been manufacturing the world's best eco packaging since 2006.

Turnover increased tenfold since 2008-09.

Our global operations span 4 continents.

And our Vegware Community Fund supports grassroots non-profit groups.

Now our achievements have been recognised in the BCE Awards 2012.

We are delighted.

So here's our corporate film...

[Singing in a bluegrass style]

Now Vegware is the subject of this very catchy tune.

We make the greenest packaging for snackaging on the hoof.
We've cups and spoons and bowls and spoons, boxes and plates and spoons.
Our compostable products leave a good taste in yer mooth.

Vegware! Vegware! Vegware!
If you're wondering... we're Vegware.

Carbon saving is our game and we count it by the tonne.
Our products all are certified and we're the only ones.

Our sustainable supply - you chain... doesn't cost the earth.
What you see is what you get. It's what the planet's worth.

From lids of corn, through paper cups, our products will compost.
Takes 12 weeks, turns back to earth. No natural goodness lost.

Your canteen, office, cafe or shop is the greenest place to eat.
When Vegware does your packaging, you'll be sought out on your street.

Vegware! Vegware! Vegware!
If in doubt... wear Vegware.

Now you might have seen some eco-looking packaging around town.
But it doesn't mean it's really green, just because it's brown.

OK Compost, BPI, Din Certco certify...
with EN13432 your coffee cup does comply.

Most takeaway packaging's burned or burnt, but Vegware can live on.
Recycle it with food waste and your landfill bill's gone.

Our Food Waste Network helps you out, by matchmaking your bin.
Let us help you go zero waste - it's a money-saving win.

Vegware! Vegware! Vegware!
BCE Awards love Vegware.

[Caption: Written and performed by the O'Frankel Family Band].

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