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Queens Awards visit Aquapac and Audio Network


[Caption: What was the effect of winning the Queen's Award on your staff?]

Tim Turnbull (Aquapac):

Very positive. It's really nice for everybody to feel that they're doing something that's recognised by something quite as good as the Queen's Awards. So I think everybody benefits from it.

And it goes for, not just the staff here in London, but for our entire distribution worldwide. We've got distributors in something like 50 countries, and it's something for them to feel good about and also to tell their customers about, which our competitors don't have.

We didn't actually tell the whole staff. The directors were told quietly, "keep this under your hat, but we've won again", because you've then got to start preparing for the announcement.

But it was a very nice feeling.

[Caption: How easy did you find the entry process for the Queen's Award for Enterprise?]

Juliette Squair (Audio Network):

Very simple. Really very simple. Very straightforward. Very clear, easy to answer questions arranged in a really easy to use way.

So yes, it was really encouraging to have a form so user-friendly.

[Caption: Would you recommend entering the Queen's Awards to other media type companies?]

Scott Pearce (Audio Network):

I think a company like ours isn't an obvious fit or association with something like the Queen's Awards, which have obviously been going a long time.

You can see that in the list of winners. So there's a lot of traditional industrial companies, with very few media or creative industries, being entered or winning. So I think I would encourage that because the benefits are great.

[Caption: The power of the Queen's Awards emblem in overseas markets.]

Juliette Squair (Audio Network):

It's absolutely worth the effort. It might not be the first thing, as a media company, that you would think of doing - entering for a Queen's Award. But if you're a company like ours, that started in the UK and rapidly grew globally, it's amazing what that emblem represents to international trade. And for us that's something that's been incredibly important.

We're so glad that we took the time to fill in the form. It actually was a really good exercise anyway, because it forced us to analyse the business a little deeper, and actually look at how much of our trade was coming from international business. We're happy to say now that 65% of our business comes from international trade. So having the emblem, that sign of approval, of quality, is something that any business, whether it's a media business or a traditional industry business, would be proud to have.

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